Blood Bank

Blood Bank

Blood Bank

MOH have blood Centre licensed from Drug controlled organization of India and operates as per D&C Act 1940 and NACO Guidelines. At MOH Blood center is committed to provide Right blood to Right patient at Right time and promote safe transfusion practices. MOH Blood Centre  operates 24X7. Blood Bank sub-laboratories that equipped with modern state of art equipment and qualified personal provide a range of tests and services as described below.

Donor screening & counselling & medical examination

Done by trained team of Medical officer, technical supervisor and Counsellor. The Donor is primarily screened for hemoglobin, temperature  BP, pulse and weight, height and referred to donation if appropriately selected.

Donation Room

Donor room is equipped with comfortable phlebotomy chair, with collection monitor and well- ventilated and comfortable room and manned by qualified Nurse and Blood bank staff.

Serology & Issuance Lab

This includes tests such as ABO grouping, Rh typing, and identification.

Blood Component Laboratory

To ensure maximum economy in the use of blood, this sub-laboratory separates each unit of blood into components, such as packed red cells, fresh frozen plasma and platelets.

APHERESIS PROCEDURE ROOM-Where Single donor platelets retrieval done through modern state of an art Apheresis machine.

Transfusion Transmitted Infection Screening Laboratory

To provide safe blood, MOH automated sub-laboratory screens every unit for HBsAG, anti- HIV 1&2, anti-HCV by Highly sensitive ECLIA Methodology and VDRL testing along with testing for malarial parasites based on the guidelines of Drug Control of India & NACO.

Quality Control Laboratory

To supply high quality blood, strict adherence to quality control at all phases of donor selection, screening and processing of blood and serological procedures for grouping and typing of blood is followed. All reagents, antisera, blood components and equipment are subjected to strict quality checks at periodic intervals according to accepted medical standards. The center also regularly participates in the External Quality Assessment Scheme (EQAS) programme.

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