This department diagnosis prevents treats & rehabilitates disorders of the Nervous System. Critical areas covered are the brain, spinal, peripheral nerves and cranial nerves

Services Offered

  • Congenital – Hydrocephalus, Meningocele, Meningoence, Phalocele, Meningiomyelocele, Craniostenosis

  • Head Injury – Depressed Fracture, Acute/ Sub acute/ Chronic Subdural Hematoma, Extradural Hematoma, Cerebral Contusion

  • Infection – Brain Abscess, Meningitis with Hydrocephalus

  • Tumors – All types of brain & Spinal tumors

  • Spinal Injury including vertical fixation

  • Degenerative Spinal Disease – Cervical/ Thoracic/ Lumbar Laminectomy, Discoidectomy, Bone grafting & fixation

  • Peripheral Nerve Injuries

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