Dr. Geeti Puri
Speciality:Medicine and Diabetology
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Introducing Dr. Geeti Puri Arora - Your Specialist in Medicine and Diabetology

Welcome to Mohandai Oswal Hospital - Your gateway to a sure, healthy life. We are delighted to introduce Dr. Geeti Puri Arora, MD in Internal Medicine and Ph.D. in Diabetology, a highly esteemed Sr. Consultant in the Department of Medicine and Diabetology, with an extensive and diverse experience in the field.

Future Goals:

Dr. Geeti Puri Arora aims to bring in the Department of Geriatrics & Non-communicable Diseases to provide specialized care for elderly patients and enhance management of chronic diseases. She also envisions state-of-the-art Diabetes Management and its complications, along with various initiatives such as the Diabetic Kitchen, Hypoglycemia van at the door, Juvenile Insulin-dependent Diabetes Children's Club, and more. Additionally, she aspires to collaborate with the government to provide free insulin for poor patients, contributing to the welfare of the community.

OPD Timings:

You can consult with Dr. Geeti Puri Arora at our I-Floor OPD Wing:

  • Monday to Friday: 9 AM - 5 PM

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Experience the dedicated and compassionate care of Dr. Geeti Puri Arora, and take the first step towards a sure, healthy life.


Dr. Geeti Puri Arora has received recognition for her exemplary work in the field of diabetology and medicine:

  • World Diabetes Foundation, Denmark: Successfully completed a project on Gestational Diabetes within 2 years.

  • First Female MD as Ph.D. Doctorate in Diabetology in Punjab from Foreign University (Sweden): A trailblazer in the field.

  • Invited to Deliver a Talk on Research Data at Denmark's Parliament, Health Ministry: Recognized for her outstanding contributions.

  • Published Eminent Research Papers: Numerous original and review research papers published in prestigious international journals.

  • Written a Chapter in APICON Medical Update: Contributing to medical literature.

Specialisation & Expertise

Dr. Geeti Puri Arora's vast experience spans across various roles in medicine and diabetology:

  • Consultant in the Department of Medicine: 13 years of dedicated service, providing expert care and treatment to numerous patients.

  • Senior Residency in General Medicine & Diabetology: Acquiring valuable skills and knowledge during a one-year senior residency.

  • Research Fellowship: Engaging in research endeavors for a year, contributing to advancements in the field.

  • Ph.D. Research and Genetic Laboratory in Dept. of Diabetes and Endocrinology: 6 years of dedicated research work, delving into genetic aspects of diabetes and endocrine disorders.

  • Consultant as General Practitioner: 6 years of experience as a general practitioner, offering comprehensive healthcare services.

Memberships & Certifications

Dr. Geeti Puri Arora is actively associated with prestigious associations and holds certifications in the field:

  • ADA - American Diabetes Association (renewal under process)

  • EASD (European Association Study of Diabetes) - yearly

  • SSSD - Scandinavian Society of Study of Diabetes

  • APICON (Association of Physicians of India)

  • RSSDI (Research Society for the Study of Diabetes in India)

  • IMA (Indian Medical Association)

  • Certificate Course in Thyroid Disorders

  • Certificate of Diabetology - State of Art by Steno Diabetes Centre, Denmark