Our Journey
Inception and Visionary Leadership
In 1984, Mohandai Oswal Hospital (MOH) was founded by the visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist Shri Vidya Sagar Oswal. The primary goal was to provide accessible and high-quality cancer treatment to the people of Punjab. The hospital, named in honor of Shri Vidya Sagar Oswal's late wife, Smt. Mohan Dai Oswal, stands as a testament to their unwavering belief in the transformative power of healthcare. The enduring legacy of visionary leadership and philanthropy continues to shape MOH's commitment to delivering quality and accessible healthcare services.

Overcoming Challenges, Inspiring Hope
In its early years, Mohandai Oswal Hospital faced financial constraints, limited infrastructure, and a shortage of medical professionals. Undeterred, the founders remained steadfast in their commitment. Within a mere two years, MOH not only overcame these obstacles but also emerged as the premier oncological institute in northern India. It became a beacon of hope for cancer patients in the region, showcasing resilience and determination. The hospital's swift transformation from adversity to excellence exemplifies its commitment to providing a ray of hope and comprehensive care to those in need.
Guided Evolution in Healthcare Excellence
As MOH transforms into a comprehensive multi-specialty facility, offering services in cancer treatment, cardiology, neurology, and orthopedics, it remains rooted in its founding principles. Continually adapting to meet the community's expanding healthcare needs, MOH upholds a commitment to excellence, compassion, and respect for patients' dignity and rights. Despite its growth, the hospital stays true to its core values, guided by visionary founders. Mohandai Oswal Hospital embodies an unwavering dedication to making a positive impact on people's lives through healthcare.
A Journey Defined by Commitment and Passion
Thank you for choosing Mohandai Oswal Hospital, a place defined by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a profound passion for healing. As we continually enhance our services and facilities, our mission remains centered on delivering the best possible medical care with compassion, empathy, and respect. Your trust propels our dedication to fostering a positive impact on the health and well-being of our community.
Together, we stride forward, drawing inspiration from our founders' vision and fueled by the opportunity to contribute to the positive transformation of lives through healthcare. Welcome to Mohandai Oswal Hospital, where our commitment to healing transcends mere treatment – it's a pledge to a healthier and happier tomorrow.