Patient & Visitors Guide
Patient Registration and Billing for OPD

    To access Mohandai Oswal Hospital's services, each patient must complete the one-time registration process. This assigns a unique CR number for all future visits. Find registration and billing counters on the first and second floors near the OPD. Payments for appointments and treatments are kindly requested before receiving services.

  • Scheduling Appointments: For appointments, contact us at 9115954400.
  • Accidents and Emergency: Our 24/7 emergency department is ready to assist. In a medical emergency, contact the casualty medical officer at 9115724400.
  • Ambulance Services: For transportation, we offer fully equipped ambulances. Contact us at 9115474400.
  • Toll-Free Number: For inquiries, reach us toll-free at 180018007000.
  • Rights of the Patient and Patient's Family
    • Quality Care & Respectful Treatment: Patients have the right to high-quality, considerate, and respectful care, considering their preferences, spiritual beliefs, and cultural needs.
    • Privacy & Confidentiality: Patients are entitled to privacy and confidentiality regarding their medical information, with access to their clinical records.
    • Information: Patients have the right to be informed about their treating doctor, care plan, treatment progress, and the right to refuse any treatment.
    • Informed Consent: Invasive or high-risk procedures require informed consent from patients.
    • Information on Expected Cost: Patients have the right to know the expected cost of their treatment.
    • Seek Additional Opinion: Patients can seek an additional medical opinion regarding their clinical care.
    • Protection: Patients have the right to be protected from neglect or abuse and can voice complaints following proper procedures.
    Patient Responsibilities
    • Provide Health Information: Patients must provide relevant health information for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
    • Follow Treatment Plan: Patients are responsible for adhering to the prescribed treatment plan.
    • Be Respectful: Patients should be respectful and considerate toward hospital staff and fellow patients.
    • Informed Decision-making: Patients are accountable for decisions, including refusing treatment or not following the treatment plan.
    • Adhere to Hospital Rules: Patients are responsible for following hospital rules to maintain a safe environment.
    • Financial Obligations: Patients must fulfill financial obligations promptly
    • Personal Property: The hospital is not responsible for personal property; patients must safeguard their belongings.