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Introducing Dr. Ashok Goyal - Your Expert in Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT!

Welcome to Mohandai Oswal Hospital - Your pathway to a sure, healthy life. We are thrilled to announce the expertise of Dr. Ashok Goyal, MBBS, DRM, a Senior Consultant in Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT, now available at our I-Floor OPD Wing from 9 AM to 5 PM.


Dr. Ashok Goyal's journey in Nuclear Medicine began in 1990 when he joined as a Senior Resident in the Nuclear Medicine Department at Mohan Dai Cancer Hospital & Research Foundation, Ludhiana. His passion for this field led him to become the Head of the Nuclear Medicine & PET/CT department, where he serves as a Senior Consultant with distinction.

Dr. Goyal's expertise in Nuclear Medicine extends to reporting almost 1200 PET-CT scans along with routine bone, renal, MUGA, thyroid, hepatobiliary scans, and more. He is highly experienced in operating the Philips-Gemini GXL PET-CT machine, offering patients advanced and accurate diagnostic services.

Our Services:

As a Senior Consultant in the Department of Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT, Dr. Ashok Goyal offers a wide range of services to cater to your specific needs. His areas of expertise include:

  • Bone Scan: Utilizing advanced imaging techniques to diagnose and assess various bone conditions, helping to detect abnormalities and diseases.

  • MUGA Scan: Providing precise evaluations of cardiac function for better diagnosis and management of heart-related issues.

  • Thyroid Scan: Specialized scanning to examine and diagnose thyroid disorders for accurate treatment planning.

  • Whole Body Iodine Scan: Comprehensive assessment of iodine distribution in the body to aid in the diagnosis and management of specific conditions.

  • Radioiodine Therapy for Hyperthyroidism & Thyroid Cancer: Offering effective treatment options for hyperthyroidism and thyroid cancer using radioiodine therapy.

  • 131I-MIBG Scan: A specialized imaging procedure used in diagnosing certain neuroendocrine tumors.

  • P32/Srotherapy for Bone Pain Palliation: Providing palliative care for bone pain through targeted therapy for improved comfort and quality of life.

Patient Safety & Quality of Care:

At Mohandai Oswal Hospital, patient safety and the highest quality of care are our top priorities. Dr. Ashok Goyal and the entire medical team follow strict protocols to ensure your safety and comfort throughout your visit.

Our hospital is proud to be accredited by NABH, reflecting our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of healthcare excellence.

If you are seeking specialized care in Nuclear Medicine & PET-CT, don't hesitate to schedule an appointment with Dr. Ashok Goyal at our I-Floor OPD Wing. Take the first step towards advanced diagnostics and personalized treatment options, ensuring a sure, healthy life.

Specialisation & Expertise
  • Bone Scan

  • MUGA Scan

  • Thyroid Scan

  • Whole Body Iodine Scan

  • Radioiodine Therapy for Hyperthyroidism & Thyroid Cancer

  • 131I-MIBG Scan

  • P32/Srotherapy for Bone Pain Palliation

Memberships & Certifications
  • MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

  • DRM (Diploma in Radiation Medicine)